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About Me

My dad was a master machinist and was fascinated by a camera and how all the mechanisms and mirrors work. He passed away in October 2016 and left me his camera equipment. He said I had the eye.

I had always just taken pictures of my hiking trips and world travels, never of people. But he believed weddings was where I should focus so I'm giving my future work to you, Dad.

I shot my first wedding and I was hooked. There's something about catching love in a split second and being able to hang onto it for the rest of time.

Things I'm currently obsessing over: Stella Rosa Black and Stella Rosa Peach wines, taking my cruiser down the Greenbelt on a Sunday ride, Wayfair, Pepsi, slot canyon hiking, American Ninja Warrior and Wentworth. #teamfranky

I'm based in Meridian, Idaho and I'm available for worldwide travel. Be sure to check out my wedding blog and social media, where I post current work. I also have an adventure blog that details my travel around the world. I hope to work with you very soon.

*blogs are being updated on the server, available soon*